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Example 2

Pouta has spent all day working at the checkout in the supermarket. She is a single mother to Lumo, who will start school in the autumn. It has been a tough day, and there has been a lot of people in the shop. Pouta has been watching people’s behaviour with horror: sneezing, coughing and not keeping their distance. There seemed to be some old people in the shop, too. Pouta gets the bus to pick up Lumo from nursery. Lumo is tired and cranky and complains about a stomachache.

Situation 1

Pouta notices that Lumo’s complaining is annoying her. She starts to feel scared. “What if I've been infected at work and I have passed it on to Lumo? What if I get ill, who will look after Lumo?” Pouta takes Lumo’s temperature and says: “I think you’re getting ill; I hope it’s not the coronavirus.”

Situation 2

Pouta tries to calm down, take deep breaths and find alternative thoughts to replace the worry. “Lumo is probably tired and hungry. That can also cause a stomach-ache. It has been a long day. I will see how Lumo feels once we get home and have had our dinner,” she thinks.

At home, Lumo still has a stomach-ache. “How about we go to your safe place together? Do you remember what we practiced last week?”

While the food is in the oven we will plan a fun thing we can do together after dinner. What would you like to do?

After dinner Pouta and Lumo play a board game. Lumo’s stomach-ache has passed.




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