Theme 6: Strengthen encouraging thoughts

Anxiety is often related to worrying and expecting the worst, or even a disaster, to occur.

It is important to recognise negative thoughts. You can also learn to make your thoughts encouraging and positive.

Examples of negative thoughts: Examples of encouraging thoughts:
I will be left all alone and I won’t have any friends anymore. I am keeping in touch with my friends every day.
I will definitely get the virus and then I’ll be really ill. I have been washing my hands and doing my best to avoid getting ill.
I will give the virus to granny and then she’ll die. If granny gets ill, then the doctors and nurses will help her.
Remote school is going really badly, and I won’t be accepted for further studies. Everyone else is in the same situation, and the teachers will understand.
Mum and dad will get ill and die. I’ll be left all alone. Mum and dad are completely healthy. If something happens, I will be looked after.

An encouraging and reassuring internal voice will make you feel better.




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